Friday, November 27, 2009

"PlayOn XBOX!!" (watch AMZVid, NETFlix, HULU, CBS, ESPN, YouTube.. MSDN-Channel9 and many more on Xbox360)

Yup..Facebook,, Twitter.. and now what?

well this is not new but PlayOn allows you to watch CBS, AMZ Vid, NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, ESPN, Channel 9 (Microsoft), Food N/w, HGTV and many more on Xbox 360!
Wait, make sure you have a PC connected to the same n/w as your Xbox360 (i.e on the same router)
How i did it from my remote PC? read my blog - 18Mbps using Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Once you have a Hi-Speed Internt Connection with from your PC to Xbox360, all you need is PlayOn connection.

Click Images below to view them larger

So you see, almost any web video channel could be streamed on to Xbox 360

FYI.. PlayOn supports similar streaming on Wii, PS3 and other devices. Check for more info. but Xbox360 is my favorite streaming device :)

Obvious question .. does this support HD? well, not yet, i believe. PlayOn folks have it on their list for future. As of now, when (with my old AMD single core, 1.9 Ghz 1 GB RAM PC), it still gives me DVD quality video and audio for most HD videos on Hulu/YouTube.

What's more? you want to add your favorite web video channel to PlayOn and Xbox?
Read the PlayOn Developer Documentation! and it is easier as it is all .NET Framework based code! :)

18Mbps over your Powerline! HD/hi-speed n/w for home!

Yes, your powerline is much better than your Wi-Fi at home :)

Get a NETGEAR or LINKSYS Powerline Ethernet AV Adapter.

Each package comes with 2 modules, and each module has a powerplug (works in US only as this is 50/60Hz) and an etherent (RJ45) jack; two Ethernet cables!
That's all you need.

What's more, it has 128 bit encryption!

(Very simple setup, you can skip all this and see the image below )

1. Plug one module to powerplug next to your router.
2. Take the Ethernet out from the Module to a LAN port in your router
3. Plug the other module into powerplug next to your remote computer at home.
4. The ethernet cable from it goes to the ethernet jack in your computer
5. Check for connection.. make sure your Wi-Fi is turned off
6. so now that you are using the powerline for your n/w and internet, Test your internet speed connection

Note: for me it was a boost fromabout 4 Mbps over 802.1g to 18Mbps over powerline. You try the same BEFORE and AFTER with an 802.1n series adapter. I still think you can't beat 18Mps with a wi-fi at home :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reply All with Attachments!

SCENARIO & USE: While using Outlook, many of us like to click Reply to All and wish all the attachments were included as-is. Or we wish we could click Forward and have all the recipients copied in as well. Here is a combo that helps both. Reply All with Attachment add-in!

See the attached Image that shows the 'Custom Actions' button that has 'Reply All with Attachment' button under it.

Learn more and download it from :

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SPlus [Outlook Add-in] Convert email thread to a Meeting Request

This is built using VS2010 Beta1 and requires .NET 3.5 to run.

Download and Install from

SCENARIO & USE: When you have a long email thread with many folks in it, have you wished you could just setup a follow-up meeting for it and also include the email thread (with its attachments, in order to preserve the context)? You can do so in ONE click using the new custom actions button – Schedule Meeting
There is a bit more to it - if you want to do the follow-up 1:1 with the sender (when there is just one person in To line and no one in CC), then the meeting room location shows up as the ’s office (Of course you can edit and change it to your office as well).

See the image that shows the 'Custom Actions' button that has 'Schedule Meeting' button under it.

I have test only on the following Vista, Windows 7 RC, Outlook 2007 and above. It needs .NET 3.5 SP1.

1. Ensure that Outlook is not running.
2. Extract the SPlus folder contents and click 'setup' to install
3. Open Outlook.
4. Open an email item from your inbox. You should see 'Custom Actions' button with 'Schedule Meeting' button under it. Click it to see if the add-in does its job!

1. Ensure that Outlook is not running.
2. Go to Control Panel - Add Remove / Uninstall programs. You can uninstall SPlus from there
3. Start Outlook again. Open a email item inbox to ensure that you do not see the 'Custom Actions' button with 'Schedule Meeting' button under it.

Note: If you aleady have a Custom Actions button, with some add-in, the Splus just adds 'Schedule Meeting' button under it.

Try it out and let me know!



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sequential vs Parallel For loop in C# and .NET 4

Sequential vs Parallel For loop in C# and .NET 4

The Task Parallel Library (TPL) in VS2010 & .NET Framework 4 Beta1 is cool! This helps improve the productivity by little change to the code.

Results from printing the Prime numbers for first 1000, 5000, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 1mil..numbers etc using the regular (sequential) and Parallel For Loop
Results may vary when tried on a different CPU.
Mine is an Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9300 2.50 GHz and 4.00 GB RAM

Build a console app in VS2010 and .NET 4. Add the namespaces System.Threading and System.Threading.Tasks
Try the program using each of these for loops and check the performance.

Sequential (traditional) For:

int iRange = 1000000;
for (int i = 0; i < iRange; i++)

Parallel For:

int iRange = 1000000;
Parallel.For(0, iRange, (i) => CheckForPrime(i));

More Info on TPL :

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's New in CLR v4 (.NET Framework 4) from the CLR Development Team Friday July 17th 10:00AM PST

What's New in CLR v4 (.NET Framework 4) from the CLR Development Team Friday July 17th 10:00AM PST

In this session the CLR development team will be focusing on the core infrastructure that makes all this possible with the new features in the Common Language Runtime. In this session the CLR development team will dive into the topics: Garbage Collection, NGEN and Performance.

Date: Friday July 17th
Time: 10:00AM-11am PST
Conf call:
Toll Free: 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant code: #198585