Friday, November 27, 2009

"PlayOn XBOX!!" (watch AMZVid, NETFlix, HULU, CBS, ESPN, YouTube.. MSDN-Channel9 and many more on Xbox360)

Yup..Facebook,, Twitter.. and now what?

well this is not new but PlayOn allows you to watch CBS, AMZ Vid, NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, ESPN, Channel 9 (Microsoft), Food N/w, HGTV and many more on Xbox 360!
Wait, make sure you have a PC connected to the same n/w as your Xbox360 (i.e on the same router)
How i did it from my remote PC? read my blog - 18Mbps using Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Once you have a Hi-Speed Internt Connection with from your PC to Xbox360, all you need is PlayOn connection.

Click Images below to view them larger

So you see, almost any web video channel could be streamed on to Xbox 360

FYI.. PlayOn supports similar streaming on Wii, PS3 and other devices. Check for more info. but Xbox360 is my favorite streaming device :)

Obvious question .. does this support HD? well, not yet, i believe. PlayOn folks have it on their list for future. As of now, when (with my old AMD single core, 1.9 Ghz 1 GB RAM PC), it still gives me DVD quality video and audio for most HD videos on Hulu/YouTube.

What's more? you want to add your favorite web video channel to PlayOn and Xbox?
Read the PlayOn Developer Documentation! and it is easier as it is all .NET Framework based code! :)

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