Friday, November 27, 2009

18Mbps over your Powerline! HD/hi-speed n/w for home!

Yes, your powerline is much better than your Wi-Fi at home :)

Get a NETGEAR or LINKSYS Powerline Ethernet AV Adapter.

Each package comes with 2 modules, and each module has a powerplug (works in US only as this is 50/60Hz) and an etherent (RJ45) jack; two Ethernet cables!
That's all you need.

What's more, it has 128 bit encryption!

(Very simple setup, you can skip all this and see the image below )

1. Plug one module to powerplug next to your router.
2. Take the Ethernet out from the Module to a LAN port in your router
3. Plug the other module into powerplug next to your remote computer at home.
4. The ethernet cable from it goes to the ethernet jack in your computer
5. Check for connection.. make sure your Wi-Fi is turned off
6. so now that you are using the powerline for your n/w and internet, Test your internet speed connection

Note: for me it was a boost fromabout 4 Mbps over 802.1g to 18Mbps over powerline. You try the same BEFORE and AFTER with an 802.1n series adapter. I still think you can't beat 18Mps with a wi-fi at home :)

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